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PG电子游戏 Music Conservatory

Launched on August 26, 2013, the Conestoga Christian School Music Conservatory ushered in an exciting new era of music education at our school. As our students learn new musical skills from our experienced teachers, we believe PG电子游戏 will reap the benefits for years to come!


The Conestoga Christian School Music Conservatory, in harmony with the home and church, provides a quality private lesson program for all students in an environment which nurtures Christ-like character and equips them to enjoy a life of using their musical talents for God's glory.


The highlight of the "Conservatory Year" are the Annual Recitals. This school year, students playing band and string instrumentalists will hold their recital in February whereas piano, guitar and vocal students will have their recital in April.



Piano Lessons

Grades 1 -12

  • Focus: Basic skills, practice habits, and music literacy

  • Students must have access to a piano or keyboard at home for practice

  • Lesson books are required upon recommendation from the teacher

Instrumental Lessons

Brass, woodwind, percussion- Grades 3-12

Strings- Grades 1-12

Guitar- Grades 3-12

  • Focus:  Basic skills, practice habits, and music literacy with the goal of becoming a member of an instrumental performing group

  • Students must have access to a teacher-approved string, brass, woodwind or percussion instrument that may be obtained through a music store or another source.

  • Lesson books are required upon recommendation from the teacher.​​

Voice Lessons

Grades 6 -12

  • Focus: Confidence, vocal health, and foundational skills.

  • Explore a variety of genres, including classical, musical theatre, worship, etc.

  • Lesson books are required upon recommendation from the teacher.



  • How do I sign my child up for lessons?

    • Submit an inquiry through this online form. One of the Conservatory teachers will contact you to take the next step.

  • When will the lessons be held?

    • Once a teacher has contacted you, you will work together to choose a time that works best. Most lessons are held during the school day, but there are before- and after-school times available as well. Lessons may be weekly or bi-weekly.

  • Where will the lessons be held?

    • All lessons will be held in the Music Room, or a studio at PG电子游戏.

  • Who will teach my child?

    • Our teaching staff includes  Mrs. Bolduc (piano), Mrs. Parris (piano), Mr. Ellis (guitar and voice), Mr. Rappoldt (band, string instruments and piano.)

  • How much do weekly lessons cost?

    • Lessons cost $24 per half hour.

  • How do I get a band or string instrument for my child?

    • PG电子游戏 has a close relationship with Menchey Music. Instruments may be leased/purchased from them or another music store. Instruments that have been passed down through different generations may also be suitable for a student to use.

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